If you're sick of feeling overwhelmed by all of the pressures we have as English teachers, pull up a seat.

There's no way around it. Teaching English gets more and more challenging with each passing year. But, we do not have to wait passively for burnout to consume us. I help English teachers like you with sustainable strategies so you can keep (or regain) the joy you need to stay in the classroom.

Like you, I am looking back to when I first started teaching and marveling at how much has changed. Some is positive, but each year more and more is added to our plates and nothing is removed. How do we navigate it all?

In my corner of the Internet, I'll share what is working for me, what is promising, and what I'm leaving behind. We'll find balance and move forward together.

Hi, I'm Danielle!

We're all striving to be the best teachers we can be. Me, too. Since I started in 2008, I have taught all grades from 9th to 12th, standard and honors, English language learners, and students with special needs. Each year my goal is to be a better teaching version of myself.

Here I hope you'll find tips and resources to make everything on your plate more manageable, some inspiring stories, fresh strategies to meets the needs of the diverse learners in your classroom, and new ideas to make class joyful for you and your students.


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