Anti-Burnout For English Teachers
Anti-Burnout For English Teachers
16. Creating Space for Effective Teaching: Lessons from Marie Kondo and The Home Edit

Are you feeling overwhelmed or like this year is falling a little flat?

In today’s episode, I share my personal experience of feeling burnt out in the classroom, despite my students’ success. Reflecting on my journey, I realized the importance of rediscovering joy in teaching and creating space for effective instruction. Drawing inspiration from popular organizers Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, I discuss how their principles can be seamlessly applied to our curriculum.

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Key Topics

Addressing Burnout and Reconnecting with the Joy of Teaching

  • Recognizing signs of burnout
    • Feeling disconnected and unfulfilled despite successful outcomes
    • Overemphasizing metrics and grades over personal enjoyment
  • Rediscovering joy in teaching
    • Importance of feeling excited and enthusiastic about teaching
    • Identifying and prioritizing enjoyable aspects of the curriculum
  • Applying organizational principles from Marie Kondo and The Home Edit
    • Bringing energy and excitement into the classroom
    • Prioritizing joyful and engaging lessons
  • Choosing texts that spark joy
    • Having flexibility in text selection where possible
    • Considering personal preferences and student engagement when choosing texts
  • Shaping lessons to bring joy
    • Experimenting with different teaching methods and strategies
    • Incorporating real-world experiences and conversations
    • Making lessons and practices more enjoyable and meaningful
  • Simplifying lesson planning and unit design
    • Avoiding overplanning and bloated units
    • Focusing on the essential components to reach the summative assessment
    • Adding creativity and interest while keeping it simple and manageable

Timestamped Overview

00:00:12 Forgetting joy in teaching due to burnout.
00:05:57 Prioritize joy, find excitement in teaching.
00:10:13 Simpler units, shorter activities, focused assessments.
00:12:11 Unit time split, unexpected disruptions considered.
00:15:14 Organized approach to teaching for flexibility.
00:21:18 Visual differentiation aids class transition and cohesion.
00:22:20 Seek inspiration from Home Edit and Marie Kondo.

16. Creating Space for Effective Teaching: Lessons from Marie Kondo and The Home Edit

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