Anti-Burnout For English Teachers
Anti-Burnout For English Teachers
7. How to Reduce Time Spent Grading Essays
Grading Strategies to Reduce Time


Looking to manage the overwhelming task of grading essays? In this episode I provides effective grading strategies to streamline your process. Create a clear plan, strategically organize your year, and prioritize grading tasks. Gain insights into setting realistic deadlines, utilizing grading blocks, and managing late work efficiently. Let’s boost your efficiency, reduce mental strain, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Listen now to master the art of managing grading essays and conquer burnout.

Topics Covered for Grading Strategies

  • Having a clear plan to easily switch between planning and grading
    • Strategically organizing the year and units to avoid overwhelm
    • Considering the time required for grading when planning assignments
  • Planning and scheduling summatives to improve grading flow
  • Creating mental space for grading after students turn in their essays
    • Providing independent or group work time for grading
    • Choosing familiar tasks to reduce mental strain
  • Managing student pressure about grading
    • Using a tally system to track graded essays
    • Visual reminders for managing the grading process
  • Designing assignments that don’t require grading outside of class
  • Considering personal energy levels and planning blocks for grading
  • Setting soft deadlines to give flexibility and respect students’ lives
    • Setting firm deadlines for reading assignments with extended lead time
    • Breaking down the writing process into drafting and final draft days
    • Planning assessments at the beginning and middle of the quarter
    • Allowing extra time for grading and revisions- Properly organizing comment days to maximize efficiency
  • Strategies for managing late work and keeping track of progress
    • Giving longer lead time to respect students’ schedules- Managing expectations and creating a collaborative environment
    • Struggling with grading flow when having to go back to late work

Discussion Questions for Departments and Collaborative Teams

Discussion Questions for Grading Strategies

Resources for Grading Strategies

More About Anti-Burnout for English Teachers

Are you wanting a classroom strategy that keeps you energized and joyful but want tools and resources to make teaching high school English more manageable? It’s possible, and I’ll share what I’ve learned through my years of trial and error. Let’s build a better classroom!

7. How to Reduce Time Spent Grading Essays

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