Anti-Burnout For English Teachers
Anti-Burnout For English Teachers
23. Making Group Work Work: Strategies for Successful Collaboration in the Classroom
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As teachers, we know the benefits of collaborative learning for both students and ourselves. However, group work doesn’t always go as planned, and it can be frustrating when students don’t effectively collaborate or take responsibility for their contributions. But fear not, because in this episode, I’ll be sharing my own experiences, providing examples of successful group assignments, and offering insights on how to troubleshoot when group work goes awry.

Topics Covered in This Episode

The Importance of Group Work

  • Benefits of group work for students and teachers
  • Students need to learn how to work collaboratively
  • Students often have misconceptions about group work
  • Frustrations when students do not collaborate effectively

Building a Culture of Effective Group Work

  • Teaching students why group work is important
  • Encouraging open communication about group dynamics
  • Addressing both content and function issues within groups
  • Intervening and troubleshooting early on

Making Collaboration Essential in Assignments

  • Importance of making a portion of the assignment collaborative
  • Establishing checkpoints in the assignment process
  • Example of the podcast assignment with collaborative elements
  • The positive outcome of students working collaboratively in the assignment

Strategies for Successful Group Work

  • Structuring group assignments with clear objectives and roles
  • Encouraging active collaboration among group members
  • Balancing individual and group accountability
  • Utilizing technology tools to facilitate group work

Troubleshooting Group Assignments

  • Recognizing signs of a group assignment going poorly
  • Addressing problems in group dynamics
  • Providing support and guidance to struggling groups
  • Deciding when it is appropriate to intervene or modify the assignment

The Long-Term Benefits of Group Work

  • Preparing students for collaborative work in college and the workplace
  • Building a comfortable and confident learning environment
  • Reinforcing the value of learning from peers
  • Reducing workload for teachers through effective group work


  • Summarizing the importance of group work for both students and teachers
  • Emphasizing the need for intentional structuring and support
  • Encouraging continuous improvement and reflection on group work practices.
Group Work Discussion Questions

Timestamped Overview

00:02:52 Collaborative groups benefit teachers, reduces workload.
00:03:59 Creating successful group assignments, troubleshooting failures.
00:10:06 Collaborative podcast creation leads to enjoyment
00:11:54 Grouping activity, analyzing quotes, writing paragraphs together.
00:16:53 Group work incentives and acknowledging potential failures.
00:20:42 Assess group dynamics, make necessary adjustments.
00:21:53 Treat group work as a valuable skill.

23. Making Group Work Work: Strategies for Successful Collaboration in the Classroom

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